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Mai excursion 2o1o (included Kiel)

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September excoursion 2o11


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Excursion Nordstrand

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Banks of flats in Nordstrand [in flood-tide] [2011.09.13]

[We made only photos]


May excoursion 2o12

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Here we Liensfeld group with our parish priest in the Back Theatre Walsrode 2012

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[Mr. K.P. Kühl made a movie]


September excoursion 2o13

To from pastor A. Kutsche and Mrs. A. Schröder provided tour [see invitation writings in the margin] of the senior citizens churches circle is to be marked the following: Impressively the inspection of the Saint Johannis-Church in Curslack with explanations of a local and from the pastor Alexander Braun there. Typically rural church of the marshy land, indeed, in four cross build and rurally extravagantly equipped. Pastor Braun organized a short service, frames from the song „The golden sun …“. Then it went to the open-air museum "Rieck-House". Here a typical big old farm property, accordingly historically equipped, was presented to us. These both events were impressive to all satisfaction. Afterwards was still [from Mrs. Hannah Woernke] controlled round trip by the marshy land; trip by Witt-Bus, linked with midday food and coffee cover [in the mills museum we have gone not really more]. From Liensfeld only two people took part.


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May excoursion 2o16


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