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Panorama Neighbourhoods [ H. Schröder ]

Old village forge of Liensfeld

The oldest photo of the forges about 1926 [Sorry, no way for better photo quality]

          Me, Olaf Simon, have investigated to the house I acquired and called "Old
          smiths" up to now something. Forges are in the village chronicle of 1882
          several times mentioned. Thus is from a smith first talked in 1831 in the
          above chronicle, situated on the smith's mountain [today's Hans-Heinrich-
          Sievert-Street]. Up to now with external help I could put together in
          temporal sequence following:

Era Schramm

          Documents exist to the trade of the smith at that time named Christian
          Friedrich Schramm, born in 1816. His wife was Magdalene Schramm,
          a born Dohm. When they that forge established or took over, is not
          documented. The married couple had a son of name Johann Friedrich
          Schramm, who has died presume in 1900. This man had with his wife
          Elise Schramm, born Wulf, again two children, from what in this connec-
          tion the son Friedrich Schramm matters [from 1874 to 1958], because
          he took over after education of the smith's craft profession the village
          smiths in Liensfeld. First outlook of the forge arises from preceding photo.
          Whether the parents of Schramm at that time exercised in the village
          beside her profession other functions, is unsettled.

Ch. F. Schramm before 1909 F. Schramm at 1951

          From the era of smith Johann Friedrich Schramm [from 1850 to 1900]
          and his wife Elise nothing is said in the traditionals. His son Friedrich
          led therefore that forges. During his time the first photographs of the
          building are originated then in 1926.


Economic part [1926]


Smith Johs. Schramm [1926]

          Friedrich Schramm was married with Sophie Schramm, born Peters [1878
          to 1965]. They had two reconciles [born in 1905 and 1913] and the takeover
          and continuation of the forges by the oldest son usual was planned.

          Now we come to the two reconcile, destiny or development that led to the end
          of the village smiths epoch Schramm. The oldest was Johannes Schramm, then
          born in 1905; eight years later came Georg. They belong to the generation of
          Hans-Heinrich Sievert, immediately living besides. Then Johannes came to a
          well-arranged smith's education with master course. Now world war came
          broken from the fence by Hitler and the Germans in 1939. Result for Schramm
          family: Johannes Schramm is still in 1945 in the last days at front liked. With
          this being father Schramm senior was forced [further] to lead his forges alone.
          His second son Georg was not a prepared. He went to the urban management
          and last was a bailiff in Eutin [+ in 1978].

Johs. Schramm In education about 1920 [Rear row, 3rd from the left] Johs. [on cycle] and Georg Schramm about 1920 together with assistant [right].
[Perhaps the first motorcycle In Liensfeld]

          Friedrich Schramm went into retirement in 1951. Because his son Johannes did
          not stand as a successor any more at the possession, he leased the forges and
          residential tract, namely to the qualified smith Oswald Kramer. Schramm
          acquired one house in the street "Auf der Reihe", where he moved-in with his
          wife. He died in 1958.

          I have the information to a great extent preserved from: Christa Rau
          [granddaughter Schramm's]

Era Kramer

          Odwald Kramer (II), smith's masters from village Bujendorf, then leased
          the forges in 1947. His family pursued then that forges till 1951. In addition
          is to be marked, that the Kramer's still owned a forge enterprise in
          Bujendorf, where they after about four years at Liensfeld preferential
          to retire.

          I have the information to a great extent preserved of Mr. Oswald Kramer (III),
          who’s forges or metal-working business still pursues today in village Bujendorf .
          He has also expressed from himself at other place of our village web page.

Era von Burkner

          Friedrich Schramm then decided in 1951 after leasing end, the forge with land
          to sold. Acquirer was the smith's master Paul von Burkner and his wife Emilie,
          born Studenski. With them it concerned expellee from West Prussia, last it after
          war had a little one forges in Schönwalde at work.

Advertisement [in German]


Photo forges around 1970 [Like one sees after rebuildings and modernisation]

Paul and Emilie von Burkner 1951 [Silver wedding day] Egon and Irma von Burkner around 1960 [With her children Karl-Eugen and Cornelia]

          Unexpectedly Paul von Burkner passed away already in the end of 1951, so that
          his son, smith's journeyman since 1949, later smith's master, had to start company
          succession. Egon von Burkner has integrated himself apparently fast in the village
          social life, what was also necessary on account of his business. Thus he worked
          into the voluntary fire brigade and was chosen partially also as a village director.
          It has come down, that he has made and donated the emblem in 1964 on the
          occasion of the laying of the foundation stone of our fire brigade station building.
          In addition to that he holds a speech rendering in typescript with the following

1.) My dear fire-fighters and my dear village Liensfeld!

Today, here on the 28th of March, 1964, something happens there and then, what is not everyday in our materialic time. If our not very wealthy municipality [on the one hand] and, on the other hand, from the need causes by the financial situation to create an shelter possibility for the new fire engine, you have made under the direction of your fire captain Johannes Hilger the decision to establish the sputter house independently. The beginning is already done, while you have poured the foundation for the construction, about which the descendants may still tell:„ Our fathers have built this in disinterested manner cheers and for the protection of the general public” under the moth: “One for everybody, everybody for one’“. May our man's God provide for the fact, that on this property an always operational vehicle can be underput, that it never needs to be used, however, possibly. Now goes with joy to the completion of the begun work, and makes available your craft skill appropriate for work with happy hand to this construction, on that it becomes a successful work.

Egon von Burkner
[smith's master]
Village head

Liensfeld., 28th of March, 1964

2.) In this sense I put the foundation-stone. On this occasion, assists the foreman bricklayer Hermann Horstmann. I have immured an original writing of the address in a small bottle in the left cornerstone. I must note that I have put for the first time a foundation-stone. The biggest hammer available at the moment was made disposal absolutely to me, certainly to prove an honour to my occupational state. The site foreman registered my ten blows sedate on the stone and made known them publicly. On which he indicated to me, that these were ten “grain bottles”. Of it I have promptly made available one there and then...... .

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Herewith I donate to the “voluntary fire brigade Liensfeld” in the municipality of Bosau the symbol made by me of the fire brigade, that is with the hatchet crossed top heel with the protective helmet and foundation year of the Liensfelder defence in 1910 and construction year of the new device house 1964, including painting and assembly at the device house. Like this sign the Liensfelder fire companions and the villagers today, as well as also remind in future of the fact, that this building was established in common work and that something tallness can be created by common characteristic after the saying: “To the lot gives little, then many is much“

Egon von Burkner
[local director]
Liensfeld, the 12/4/1964

Back to the source side

          About 1975 he has become, for the rest, an interview about the forges, because,
          nevertheless, hardly no horses are more to fitted, allows to continue where, also
          nevertheless, presumed more metal work [frame, agricultural tractor] results.
          This interview is simplicity added there:

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          However, in the principle did draw to themselves in the course of the time, that
          the village forge in Liensfeld on a continuing basis any more not is calculated.
          An established small store place also did not bring enough earning. As already,
          among the rest, in the web page to the chronicle demonstrated, many trades
          surrendered in [to] small Liensfeld. So, in the end, after the death of Egon von
          Burkner in 1993, so his family finished too, they moved then away.

          The information I have to a great extent preserved from: Cornelia Degener
          [daughter of Burkner's]


          As possessor stepped after my knowledge and documents then there
          increases owner on, who the forges of course not continue, but tore off
          the complex of buildings partly, did alterations, increased and moderni-
          zed to create there flats. Also moreover I am able to do after other
          search the following reports:

          ► The first attempt: Mr. Karl-Heinz Schmüth, immediate property neighbor
          of the forges, building contractor; he shopped in 1993 and began with the
          break off and build around of the complex of buildings. Intention was the
          establishment of an apartment house. He could not support this plan with
          the considerable investments, however, at the end. He has passed away
          in 1998.

          ► The next attempt: in 1998 the Grebe-Kompositbau-Ltd from Bad Malente
          acquired the only partial converted building. One put everything to finish the
          building project. Then four unities should become further marketed as freehold
          flats. From 2000 fallow the property market, however, partially, whereupon
          was passed over to renting the flats in any case. So not enough success of
          the project.


          Nowadays the building is, in the end, in my family property is reached.
          See in addition my web page "I about us". Photos including aerial picture
          to the former and today's state are shown on different places of the
          village homepage.

Panorama estate today [ h. Schröder]


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