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~ 1946 

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          Liensfeld`s, which are 75 or older, are questioned. Besides, is the leading reason,
          that these can at least still give report from the time of the Third Reich and the
          immediate post war time. For the other post-war period and base to the buildup of
          the Federal republic until to the European union there against is enough report
          accessible to each, does not need to be pursued in our connection more of. The
          time in Liensfeld before 1933 can become only restrictedly a revealed, because
          here must be spoken more of the "hearing legend". Only a few stand naturally
          to interviews for disposal.

          Approach: We have the above mentioned list of questions compiled, which
          becomes beforehand delivered to the envisaged interview partners, so that they
          can think already once about it and remember and maybe also graphic material
          can pick out. Then the conversations are carried on in relax sphere. Recording
          about extra micro by means of dictaphone. In addition, some photographs and the
          admission of a video sequence occur. During the conversation recording their
          sound quality is to be controlled constantly. It appears that if the
          conversation comes first of all in turn the electronic aid hardly causes no
          attention. Duration about 1 ½ hours.

          Post processing: Then the sound recording is written in a “word” file, which is
          inserted then in the web page as a text stone. The written interview becomes of
          the interviewees before to review a handed over. Also the electronic picture
          recordings become as a graphics stone and media stone an installed. The word
          text version is mostly longer than the reproduction on the internet, because
          they editorially to the avoidance of insults, prove to loose, to insignificant,
          legal problems etc. is reworked. In the text are the respective questions as a
          rule not once more repeated.

          Grasped become under this column also single reports. Because of the time
          expiry would not be allowed here concerning very older senior citizens even
          more to expect. From the Eutin territory library no much productive contribute
          was seen, too.

[Since web site without precedent for form, content and opinion etc. of the interviewed].


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