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Health resort house Bosau

          The small town Bosau is a directly at Plöner lake [with his 30 square
          kilometre expanse] situated aerial health resort with corresponding health
          resort park.

          In the aerial health resort are a being enough number of hotels,
          pensions and camping opportunities. See:


Youth hostel Bosau

Suitable For Young People Time Site Djo ,
Stadtbecker Strasse
23715 Bosau
Tel. 04527-220,
Fax. 04527-353
Land side Water front


In Liensfeld is the already mentioned guest- and
seminary house "Hof am Wege“. These undertake offers
here in the village ambience group seminar rooms
for trainings and events and for short trips of all
types, caresses including and accommodation.


Layman theatre there


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