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Lübecker Nachrichten / Lübeck News 







Glass fiber (broadband) Supply: The project is in the hands of Mr. Torsten Hindenburg. He comes originally from the development association SH, was then assigned by the Zweckverband (ZVO) with the task to deal solely with the aforementioned topic. The relevant telephone providers, such as Telekom, Vodafone and others, are not willing to commit themselves for the supply of the rural area beyond the existing measure (copper cable, LTE max. 50 mb / s) for reasons of cost. Mr. Hindenburg beamer supports this: Due to the increasing use of the Internet, the IT quality is slower for the individual in rural areas, especially if the use of IT and commercial and peasant (and offices) activities are becoming more important. Individual participants from the local auditorium already report on network failure. The ZVO is of the opinion that the access to adequate IT down- / uploads is now part of its task of providing services. The ZVO has issued a nine-month tender period, which is expected to be awarded by the end of June 2017 as the most favorable tenderer. The ZVO provides € 100 million as start-up funding; the federal government plans to contribute € 15 million to start-up financing. There are in certain circumstances no EU funds. As a full-service provider, the ZVO is not an option for legal reasons: its task will be to lay empty pipes into individual clusters - such as village mergers - with distribution stations / network points (passive technology). For the introduction of the glass fiber cable and the functional capability, the selected telephone provider is then responsible (active technology), who renders the ZVO a lease. For legal reasons, the leasing contract (quasi-compulsory) is limited to two years; Then / can be re-written. If everything goes according to plan, the 2019 broadband coverage target is reached (volume € 200 million). Preliminary contracts with a size of 60% are targeted. In the village, it makes sense to create the largest possible group of stakeholders (multipliers). Pre-contracts are preferred in such a way that the house connection is provided free of charge for a certain distance (the switch of the glass fiber strand is "blown-in"). Old phone number can stay. After-contracts will later be charged with € 700 to € 1,000 with new numbers. The construction method: Type well shaft, then small radial bore under the garden to the house. The cabling in the house or multi-family house requires consultation. Since old copper cables are not used, light is used. Ultimately, the individual interested parties were left open for the higher speed of the network (eg internal installation). As a basic charge scheme, Mr. Hindenburg calls the City of Neumünster: flat depending on package agreement (telephone, TV, IT) eg currently € 39 per month. The whole thing, if it happens, in my opinion in the flat country on a part-farewell of the hitherto usual telephone providers, as far as these still not suitably differently? The meeting place in Braak, by the way, was crowded. The ZVO will report on the progress of the ambitious project.



Look too (in German) : 1203_stelter_langfassung.pdf [1.053 KB]



Broadband fiber access Bosau ff. [ZVO: In German]



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Lübecker Nachrichten [Lübeck News]



Rundbrief.windmuehlen.08.11.2016.jpg [in German]





Today the church district council of the church Sarau of the Ev.-Luth North church has as announced itself for the election, among the rest, in the village community centre to Liensfeld. Ten voices were to be awarded. It is to be assumed from the fact that probably everybody is chosen, because – at least here - no discontent with their activity is virulent.


Election board

The result of 2016.11.27 is, by the way, the re-election of the proposed candidates
[Photo see deeper].



An interim result [see below info from the 18/09.]: According to the Lüb. News of the 2016/11/10 still no final result has appeared in the meeting in Hutzfeld. Location Hutzfeld for 5 wind turbines. Decision hurries because of upcoming change of the finance support. The municipality has only limited rights to participation. It looks after the fact that the local councillors will give by the majority her "consent". Short-term statement on the part of the juridical assistance should still follow.

Post script: According to Lüb. News - Info dated 2016/11/12, it was decided, after consultation with the lawyers of Mario Schmidt, that the municipality of Bosau had to give its "consent" to the construction of the wind park between EDEKA market and Tredrahnshöhe (near Thürk).

Our Note: An immediate significant visual impact for Liensfeld is not expected.


Before 2o16.11.27

By the precalled appointment the elections of the church district council of the north church (EKG)
stands in a queue; among the rest, from 11.15 to 17.00 o'clock in the Liensfeld village community




How arises from enclosed article of the Lübeck news, plannings are known on the subject surface suitability for installation by windmills, also LIENSFELD concerning. Indeed, because of the open questions of the state support and the open plannings 380-kV-about derivation everything is still not clear.

Grafik.windmuehlen.ln.18.09.2016.pdf [6.938 KB] (In GERMAN)



To havrest state (© Lübeck News) autunn 2016:
[in German]


Liensfeld 2016



With two consultations in the management of the Heinrich Harms school in 16. or 30.06.2016 the size and the relative modernity of the school complex struck me; so many well equipped classrooms to which sinking child figures from the municipality of Bosau face apparently exist. The class dimensions are – to judge for the learning success absolutely positively – compared with those of the Wilhelm Wisser school even if clearly more slightly. Anyhow must be probably considered a la longue furthermore how it goes on: To me for example, a sort of insertion of kindergarten, in addition, establishment of a boarding school part (main focus agriculture, natural care, small business actions, retouch of the IT scene of the HHS by the older pupils, or similar)?? From one of two available PC rooms see enclosed photo. Has liked to me the liveliness and the volume of the schoolboys and girls in the breaks.



2o16.o2.2o pp.

According to Mrs. S. Peyronnet [LN of the 20th cr.] here the refugee and asylum problems run by to date completely calmly without "fury citizens" or the similar Grafik.ln.fluechtlinge.20.02.16.pdf (in GERMAN) [1.777 KB] . See also in: Grafik.ln.fluechtlinge.03.04.16.jpg - In GERMAN



The navigation side "Seniors "We about us“ is shifted in the underside "archive filing", because this sociable virtually association is not officially continued any more as before. The reason arises from the note there. The family Mielke clears the question who organises the annual regular "Senior citizen's Advent celebration" in future (how before 2004 by the voluntary fire brigade)?


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