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The target

          The Rifle Association became in 1978 under authoritative initiative
          of Wülfkens (see down) founded. He uses for his sport a small shooting
          gallery in the village community centre. This shooting gallery was
          grown by the shooters at that time even to the prepared place and
          was equipped. Shot becomes with air gun. At the moment 68 villagers
          are a member of the association. Chairmanship [after up to Mr. Uwe
          Engelbrecht from Dannau] is now on from 2009 the farmer Frank
          Struve, Liensfeld. Once in a month is practice. After the sports shooting
          sociable gathering is announced. Important competitive dates in the
          annual course are a Whitsun shooting and a King's shooting.
          The shooters also arrange to meet to other sporty activities (outer
          village, e.g., to skittle). [The regristation into the ass. index we suspend!]


Pricipal 2009 rifle association [From right: Karina Reck, Katja Martin, Oliver Runge, Florian Hilger, Frank Struve (1st chairmanr), Monika Engelbrecht, Elke und Wolfgang Schmüth (2nd chairman)]

          Several of the members also take part in the other to activities to
          associations or similar to association in the village.


Chairmen [f. left] Struve & Schmüth

The rifle-range

In 2004 

          From the sphere of the relatives of the family Klees [see e. g. site
          voluntary fire brigade] is as another prominent sportsman after
          Hans Heinrich Sievert known Mr. Christian Klees from near village
          Hassendorf, who gained the Olympic gold medal in the sport sub-
          calibre shooting in 1996 in Atlanta
          [Photo from him see photo gallery].

Agenda rifle association

About the foundation of the rifle association and sports association Liensfeld and incorporation  of 1978 reports farmer and hunting tenant Henning Wülfken:  Me - Henning Wülfken - which operates since his 14th year already in the shooting sport - can say about the foundation of the Liensfeld rifle association in 1977/1978 the following:


Several local villagers already shot longer time in foreign nearby rifle association s [like in Glasau, Braak, Wöbs]. Besides, with the Liensfeld´s matured with the time the idea, however, to establish even a shooting gallery.  At this time the farm owner Kurt Struve was the village director. He, add called up Messrs. Hilger, Makolek, Negel, Schwarz and Wülfken as well as the ladies Goldbach and Wentorf and others as a result a villager meeting, where they introduced the planned intent and caught up to themselves in addition the approval.


It was decided to establish anew in the fire community centre or village community centre: Beside a kitchen and a storeroom for the fire brigade a regular shooting gallery. For the financing the village community Liensfeld agreed to grant an advance being more than several thousand DM, complements around sponsorship like with the voluntary fire brigade - which derived from the cultivation partially also benefit - and of the district rifle alliance. Then the efficiency would be contributed by the villagers and fire brigade members in a honourary capacity [The advances are long ago paid back]. Under leadership of Messrs. Werner Schmüth and Albert Schwarz the building design documents and formalities of the planning permission were provided then or finished. Then we established the building, from what the following photo gallery gives information. Material insurance now about the local assurance association. The construction measure, financing and own contribution enclosed of course also the internal arrangement, including shooting office layout. A statute was provided, put down on the association register and applied for
- non-profit - tax freeing, which also was received.


In praxi: Shooting takes place with air guns, belonging to association. Small caliber shooting is forbidden with the internal village situation. The association holds the air guns together with ammunition under care. They leave Liensfeld only under supervision during external competitions. Liability insurance security occurs through the district protection alliance. Beside the registration for the association register are not necessary with air guns gun license and possession map. The status in 2012 is with low yearly subscription:  Just 70 village people as members [nor all active] of our rifle association. Election of the board of directors, the substitution, the shooting servicer and the secretary guidance occurs all four years. Association board of directors at the moment:


·        Frank Struve (1. chairman)

·        Wolfgang Schmüth (2. chairman)


Once a year a general meeting is fixed, where an event plan is suggested and is tuned. In this connection taking part in external competitions are under circumstances also included in the scheme. Our shooters Arthurs Bussler and Peter Makulik have gained, for example, already once the mastery of district. The sports exercise also possible after statute but is not offered, because of our low association size. Setting from or participation in other sociable events is possible.

About us

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IN 2006    

From construction of the shooting gallery

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Event examples (text only in German)

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Model of prize


Marksman Wolfgang Schmüth [With chain, cup and targets]


About hunting and care


Of deputy chair persons of the district huntsmen in the local space is Mr. Henning Wülfken, farmer is to Liensfeld. He is a director of the buck-wild care community " Bosauer Winkel", which was founded in 1999 and 21 hunting districts enclosed. At the same time he co-operates  with the "Stiftung Elisabeth Mierendorff"   [=foundation], which looks after itself with the preserve from birds of prey and, moreover, around seeks and concerns after injured or perished animals (also in the traffic or road transport rage). The comrade's hunting ground and own hunting range of Liensfeld comes on 699 ha to care of Messrs. Wülfken and [further starting 2009] by local farmer Frank Struve. Walk on permit [for hunting assistance] exists. The hunting ground round Liensfeld limited to itself as a rule on big game (buck wild, black game) and on small game.

Web site of the buck-wild care community:

See also under "protocols" in:

Mr. Henning Wülfken in 2007 23719 Sarau

Mr. Frank Struve in 2010 23715 Liensfeld

Repose after battue in 1975 

          The hunting being is in the everyday village life unobtrusively, however,
          is present.

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