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          The missing size of the village, which has interfered one at few minutes crossed,
          neither from traffic lights nor zebra crossings disturbed, makes clear, that – up
          to the volunteer fire brigade – official or comparable infrastructure are not settled.
          Earlier once available store or inn is long ago as not profitable closed. In Bosau
          and Eutin is enough offer among the rest. In summer the supermarkets are opened
          there on account of the so called "Cure regulation" on Sunday. In progress from
          modernization measures is in Liensfeld established: Electricity (and clearly: conduit-
          pipes) in grounds, internet in DSL 1000 capacity, no TV cable connection, sewer
          disposal uncomplicated about sewage pits. Street state medium admirably; for it
          the town Bosau has no overburdening debts!

          Building and ground of the fire brigade and the village community centre belong
          to the community Bosau, which also performs subsidies. The insurance coverage
          - also for official activities of the village community - gives, including insurance
          of the liability, the community insurance association.

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