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See door's title motto

The "Gueldner" team on tour

In 1970 (v. lks./f. left) Werner Schmüth, Ernst-August Stöver, Karheinz Mielke, Peter Kühl, Wenzel Minks, [oben/up] Werner Berg, Herbert Runge, Hans Stöver, Siegfried Minks)

Nice art

Song of the ollk:

1. The lotto club, today he calls together us, to six gain there, there where the Klintholz stands. There we draw the lot, the first prize is ours, because this is clear, we go to Paris!

2. The glasses high, the row firmly closed, we drink grain and also a beer in addition.
We move from house to house and sing our songs, we are amused, into the night!

3. On the Father's Day, there we go with the Güldner, by wood and hall, also about floor and
stone. We drink grain and beer and eat our ham, then it goes home, on to the pea soup!

[Melody: Differently according to promille]


A song board

Ascencion 2oo7

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Together with "Deutz"-Group

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IN 2007    

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Something about our man's club pleasingly?

Our Original Liensfelder lottery club "Ollk" still knows as “Gueldner group" after the brand of the association tractor [construction year 1955, holder Siegfried Minks] called. Common excursions sometimes take place with the "Deutz troop", named after the mark of their tractor [location Hornsmuehlen, there president Thomas Mielke, Hutzfeld]. Hardly connection passes [more] to the club „The magnificent seven“, particularly as there only one member a Liensfeld`s is. Member's limitation conditioned by the capacity of our tractor follower. Beyond the traditional ascension trip found instead of journey by minibus to Fehmarn or boat journey over the Plöner lake. The "Ollk" has in the garden house of the vice president K. H. Mielke an own domicile. Here or in the houses resp. gardens of the participant the meetings take place. To the end of the year an appointment and also subjects plan provided for the next year happens. With the "Ollk" it concerns a "man's club" of purpose of achievement social of cohesion in our village. Around the internal peace in the group no ladies as members are permitted. Only once in the long time of the existence a member has retired in quarrel. The beginnings of the club is lying already in 60the years former century. If one wants so a written "statute", however, is given only at the end of 2004. The fact, that the group plays together lottery, is real only one exterior connection. Striking events: Potato plant action of 3 red potatoes [brand "Franco"] per member [with control bandage] and choice of the potato king after quantity and quality, that of the single achieved crop of potatoes, ascension drive [father's day], liver sausage food "in memoriam" post Herbert Runge.

About our association vehicle

Dr. Hugo Gueldner was employee with Rudolf Diesel. He has after experiences with build from ship diesel engines established an agricultural tractor production in Aschaffenburg, which existed to 1969. Wenzel Minks in late memory has acquired in 1955 the 12 hp tractor [type: alc.], which is in the family Minks cultivated and safety standards authority-controlled till this day in use application. Meanwhile exists a second beeing maintenanced Gueldner tractor with 45 hp output.

Workshop meeting

Typical meeting course and the suitable conference protocol of the secretary:


Annual general meeting of the “ollk” on the 27.12.2004: This annual general meeting did not begin how many others before her, because Mr. president "August, the strong" illness-partly could not take part in the meeting, and thus it came as it had to come, without our Mr. president the agenda was totally mixed up. Now all members began first of all with food instead of waiting for the annual address by Mr. vice president “Korl”. Beforehand, the food, it gave turnip must with pork cheek, cabbage sausage and kassler meat full, has tasted to all very well. And also the round potato schnapps afterwards arrived safely with all. After the upper secretary “Peter” drew the attention of the meeting to the faulty observance of the agenda, now an obviously more nervously and [worried] vice president “Korl” began with his blazing New Year address. All members listened in seized to his words. "Korl" said in the end his speech then still hard cheers to a renewed round potato schnapps, or was it “Jubi”? Now under point 3 of the agenda the protocol of the last annual general meeting was read out by the upper secretary in personam Peter Kühl. After the reading of the note Mr. Association host and vice president “Korl” spent first of all a "cover". This cover existed of a round potato schnapps and a beer. Now obviously the financial report was announced by our upper cash examiner on lifetime “Siggi” Minks. The cash audit for the business year proved in:

Then there occur the suitable numerical data about income, spent and cash in hand, on which here wide is not entered.


This proves a calculation profit! Once again more appeared how economically and substantially our treasurer Heinz Schumacher has handled with the association money. Then “Siggi” added one more profit / loss calculation of the last years.


After these excellent results was able to the treasurer and the “O.K.P.a. L.” under blustering applause discharge are given. Obviously pleases with the discharge by the whole meeting gave successively the treasurer and the “O.K.P.a. L.” a round, from which provided then also for a thorough mood of the meeting. Now the appointment discussions began under point 6 of the agenda for 2005. One found out that beside the normal appointments still many "jubilees" stand in a queue in 2005. It are to be celebrated: 70th (Born of Mr. treasurer and honourary judge and in 2004 of acting potato king Heinz Schumacher), 50 years of association vehicle Gueldner, a legend on 4 heels birthday, 30 years of birthday of our association flag, 20 years of imperial home had to be celebrated with “Siggi”, 5 years as a pensioner “Siggi” Minks, many jubilees to celebrate, absolutely!!! Under point 7 the former, multiple potato king held "Peter the tallness" a seminar paper about the representation duties as a potato king. The new potato king "Heinz the sparing" listened in very much with interest to the words of his predecessor and wanted to let the many years’ experience of "Peter to the tallness" in his administrations as a potato king flow in. On the end of the "Kuehl era" gave "Peter the tallness", potato king retirde, a round potato schnapps out and wished „Heinz the sparing“ a happy hand and a lot of success as a potato king. As the next came point 8 of the agenda on the table. It was about the subject rehabilitaton - measures. Unanimously it was decided, that with our new potato king "Heinz the sparing" a reha - centre should be established to prepare the club members for the girls in Paris. “Heinz” agreed this proposal obviously pleased immediately. He will provide a room for these reha - provide measure and also for a thorough lighting (dim red). Here the timetable for the reha-measure who may make happy and in which order. The draw proved the following start places: 1st Siggi, 2nd Stefan, 3rd Wulle, 4th Dieter, 5th Peter, 6th Reini, 7th Dirk, 8th Frank, 9th Heinz, 10th president, 11th Kalle. “Heinz” wanted to carry for it provides, that all members in the reha - centre on the big job (Paris, we come!) become prepared. To the point (Cultural) “Siggi” brought forward a big slide show in excellent colour quality about the association life of the “Ollk”. All members were done very much by the slide show, and dreamt of a big future and many profits of the “Ollk”. Now after these official meeting parts we went over to the comfortable part. It was a very nice meeting again, and we hope for the big profit during the coming years. [Heading leader] signed. K. P. Kühl

It is cooked of course by the messrs. of the creator!

1. to our concern you may listen to us

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Continue 2.

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© Copyright NDR-WelleNord lizensed Interview Thomas Lenz [2005/2009]

See also report in news paper "Ostholsteiner..." in the end of 2005.


Paris we'r coming Ffietz=Frank Mielke, is assembly, travel beginning: 2...?]

As one sees, a part of the profit [?] to be expected for a Paris's trip should become a used. Originally was suggested to Moscow, but member late blessed memory Hans Stöver referred to the fact, that he was there already up to about 50 km of distance near; at this aim, nevertheless, he suppose should become better renounced!!!


To Potato Seriousness Mini Excavator Required [2006: Because of potato "Doping" it was downgraded F. Mielke in the competition!]


Relaxed meeting [2007]

Smal photo diashow

The photos are exemplary, because to itself externally during the years, except the members "higher quarter" are called away and younger come, results not a lot changes.

Luck play agenda


Figure rows [The elective figures knows only the "Ollk"]

In 1991 - New lottery management [by Mr. H. Schumacher]

In addition follower: The "treasurer" managed the move of the monthly contribution [to ¾ lottery stake] as well as the regular procedure with the lottery society [of quarterly contribution debit of the special account in the so-called "Leda" – procedure]. The profits achieved already absolutely flow into if one wants so say of "association" cash account. To the big profit: Chance 1 : 156 million?

Members status 2o16


Appointment plan in 2009 and next



Club flag [Members name on it]


Small sight ["Out of action"]


Street: Auf der Reihe [Location club house - © H. Schröder]


Also in 2010 up to 2012 Mr. K. P. Kühl remains as "Potatoe king".

In 2011 ascension ["father's day"] the "Ollk" and the "Deutz-troop"
have a common trip; see above dia show and following video clip.


Praise Thomas Ehlers in 2016 [© Max Plieske]

Drivers skill with "Gueldner"

[ ~ 5 MB/~ 0.45 Min.]

The Liensfeld "Gueldner"

[Also with Hutzfeld showing. ~10 MB/~5.3 Min.]

Just three photos

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Gueldner g series diesel quick runner. 4-wheel drive,
3.2 l of cubic capacity, 45 HP, construction year 1967,
acquired in 2009. Restored by
S. Minks and K. H. Mielke, Liensfeld.
Investment together. 10 th € plus own contribution

Our native country from above

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