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About the administrative level



          Our town hall with management is in the place Hutzfeld.


District Bosau


  Hauptstrasse 2, 23715 Bosau (Hu)
Tel 04527 – 9971 0
Fax 04527 – 9971 29

          After area reorganization Bosau has melted like
          as mentioned down with the “Amt Großer Plöner
          See“ [=Big plöner lake office]. Our mayor is rem
          ained unchanged (the independent)


Town hall in Hutzfeld

M a r i o   S c h m i d t


Eutiner Strasse 17 A, 23715 Bosau
Tel 04527 – 972397
INTERNET [private open, act over district]

          For the rest, the further development is, that the offices Plön and Big plöner
          lake are folded up. Becides the office time of major mr. Mario Schmidt
          runs [in march 2013] out. He is re-elected!

          About point of view referring to the future jurisdiction of the district see
          article in the "Luebeck news":
          Sonstiges.other.bosau.reorganisation.2011 _lueb_nachr_22_01_11.jpg
          [IN GERMAN]

          The local parliament has a discussion room in the city hall, however, meets
          mostly in turn at the Bosau´s villages. Minutes of proceeding see:

          [IN GERMAN]

Honory citizen superintendent is
Mr. Alfred Jeske, Bosau.


          Thomas Ehlers, Liensfeld, is member in the local parliament.

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