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Savings club dine

In Village Community House about 2001 

          The most important association and centre of the village is the voluntary
          fire brigade. It is expelled to the corresponding panel of our web site.

          Established are:


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          The savings club "Holtosam" [=stay together] with at least about 60
          participants. This club meets regularly twice month of evening in the
          village community house. It was established already in 1928/1929. Present
          chairperson is Olaf Ploog. Substitute Edith Wolter [look]. Beside the
          savings aim the club puts according to Mr. J. D. Enninga information
          an form of family table, where also village interests become casual




          Four main appointments of the savings club are relevant:

          ● possibly in January annual general meeting
          ● possibly in May planning to the summer party or any excursions
          ● by the autumn payment modalities and planning to common food
          ● finally, common annual accounts dinner [mostly externally

          Moreover, there is a list of the people to be performed for the
          bars service.

Statutes in 2o1o


[Older statutes are not given. The first protocols are come down from Mr. S. Minks in 1989]

Recent event

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Saving clubs trip 2013 to river Schlei

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          It pass further on two lottery groups, namely on the one hand the newer
          Ollk (=Original liensfelder lotto-club), whose meeting point is also the
          village community centre resp. extra club house, and he is able for
          expansion; and on the other hand the lottery club „The magnificent seven“
          from 1978, which meets with his seven participant men in their domiciles
          in row. The limitation, on seven, leads at the moment to an admission stop.
          Also with these both clubs is valid, that they devote themselves after the
          real purpose also to the interpersonal social relations in the village.
          The club „The magnificant seven“ is not confined on our village; from
          here is only Mr. J. D. Enninga member.

          Of the above-mentioned: "Ollk" presented is to be found here on his own
          site panel "The ollk".

          In the village community centre an air gun shooting gallery is an
          integrated too. Concerning the rifle association it is expelled to
          the extra panel "Shoting & hunting" of our web site.

Senior meeting

          In the time of 2004 till the end of 2015 an institutionalised senior citizen's club is not
          continued in this form took place. Among the rest, reason arise from the commenting
          under archive. One finds some coming down photographs following.

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[As in the village community hall 2013 - © Schmidt-Neumann]

E. g. event

Summery excursion of the savings club [2001]

          All other association activities (how country women, sport, music, other
          exclusive teams) are in Bosau and near to. Because of further association
          leads to foreseeable of low organization density, what concerns of the
          little inhabitants numbers of Liensfeld itself.


          For in sports activity enthusiasts would be expelled to the internet site of
          the Bosau sports association

          For cultural enthusiast on to the Bosau summer concerts under:

[Above mentioned web pages on our part without prejudice for their types and contents etc.].


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