Fire brigade days
Mrs. Hamke recalls
Mrs. Dohm recalls
Mrs. Zimmer reported
Mr. Kramer reported
Mr. Didwißus reported
Mrs. Runge reported
Here about long-term developments



Presents 2oo8

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Soccer place after check

Move back

Soccer place 2008 [Prä and post revision]

Move to

Other long-term considerations and searches run. See in addition for example:
Arbeitspapier.doerflicheentwicklung.phr.pdf [228 KB] [Translation in both pdf not intended]
In addition also the first cost estimates:
Arbeitspapier.strassen--und-wegebau.tabelle.2016.pdf [66 KB]
[Errors excepted]

Examples of renovation of road conditions

Kasseedorf, Sagauer Strasse –
Banquet unilaterally
Banquet on both sides

And Here? Minimum edge demarcation left
[In H.-H.-Siev.-Strasse No. 9]
Bound stones local exit
Hassendorf in 2008

To Wulfsfelde Main Road sidewalk [an easy concrete stone paving with bound stones] Of wide there

Pdf-tender-h.-h.-siev.-street.2010.pdf [= erl., s . o. long-term ...]

Bus waiting shelter

In constrution Ready in 2009

Next see on side of our voluntary fire brigade under: Some constructions

Concerning the village entrance Majenfelder street does itself apparently a little bit? See under: renewal.pdf [=executed, see below] .

Street construction

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K 6

Ready - 2010.10.30 

K 33

Info: Grafik.sanierung.pdf [64 KB]
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K 33

Ready - 2012.11.30 

Manhole works

New freshwater piping "Auf der Reihe""
PDF info in GERMAN [146 KB] from "The Reporter" from 201410.29, page 29]


Town hall top from 2o15

Access to the land register see:


New building area Hamke farm 2015 [ © D. Stöver ]

Cultivate claim: Grafik.bebauungsplan.hamker.hof.2o15.jpg [in German]

[More building plots for example mid street „Im Dorfe“ and mid and end „Hans-Heinrich-Sievert-Straße“]


Status 2017 

[plus development etc.]

Building area Hamke farm 2017

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Subject: Future broadband wiring [in GERMAN] Grafik.ln.breitsband.durch.zvo.ab2016.jpg


Planung / planning


Move up

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