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Volunteer fire department and their actions


Fire brigade guidance



Start canto

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Frank Mielke [1987 in historic uniform]


Mario Horstmann [Also the junior is in action]

  Village Kiekbusch  

Our battle-disaster response group


          The volunteer fire brigade (FFw) of the village Liensfeld body was created on
          1910/10/06. Founding document (and proceed) see below. Known is, that
          for this time [1910/1911] a large number of fires occurred and combated,
          were caused by the then unanimous opinion in historical village chronicle
          loud in fire foundation.

Foundation of our volunteer fire brigade

  Foundation document [presented by K. H. Mielke]  

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  [The secretary was the teacher of the village]  

  Insensitive founder farmer Wilhelm Klees at 1910  

[From the village meeting on 30/10/1911 published].

   "The FF Liensfeld, founded on 06/10/1910, looks back on the first year of its existence. Mutual
   interest helped the defense in the cost of their first equipment. The Grand-Ducal Government
   doated magnanimous manner in 100 marks. From the official savings and loan office Eutin
   were the defense 50 marks paid. To the interests of home and landowners in Liensfeld,
   Kiekbusch and Majenfelde showed itself in a voluntary donation of 143.50 marks. The village
   of Liensfeld was a shank rent-free loan of 200 marks, with the obligation, of which 40 marks
   brands each year and the first new year's day 1912 repay rate. Defense and fire-brigade people,
   friends of the defense, fund took in a total of 40 marks. A deficit of 52 marks is in the cost of
   equipment can be reported. The cover of this loss and the repayment of the first installment of
   the loan, the defense firstly has fulfilled. The activities of the defense, they held 12 exercises
   and was used at 8 fires (including 2 fires in the state forestry), has a complement of extinguishing
   apparatus, including the purchase of 3 jam, 3 ladders, and 2 axes and the magnification
   of climbing power department proved necessary. Gratifyingly also now have 4 men to join the
   defense agreed. This will be 4 equipment sets, including 2 for climbers, is necessary. These
   additions require 90-100 marks. Moreover, the acquisition of a first aid box and club box cabinet
   desirable. From its own resources, the defense currently does not satisfy their needs, since their
   regular income as the only member contributions are available. It is therefore at the Grand Ducal
   Government with a request:

   The grand-ducal government would graciously in distribution to volunteer fire fighters in
   Liensfeld of the deletion being made available state appropriations." - Submissive, the board of
   the FF in Liensfeld, Bartels, secretary


Subject agenda

          From 1910 up was the fire vehicle placed at that time in the building vis-à-vis
          to former and modern clear pond. It is a manual of horses drawn operated
          fire pump, similarly the pump, with coach to our defense in conjunction
          with the village unity Kiekbusch there has increases (see following photo),
          and which the lord of defense officers Mr. K.-H. Mielke was in hard handmade
          restored. In 1928 was a tube tower with parking shed for the pump established.
          This tower was created in 1958 demolished. Until 1930 appears as
          the defense: FFw Liensfeld-Majenfelde (latest mention 1935). After that
          alarm was then given with a horn to the Liensfeld’s, to which sound still
          goes up in the last field area. In 1948, the first engine syringe obtained, then
          1950 the first acquisition of motor vehicle fire (mark Opel-Blitz) followed.
          In 1958, the clear pond expanded. For an interim period-fighting our cars etc.
          were taken in a Windberg farm place. 1963, a recent car fire vehicle LF 8
          (=extinguish vehicle) from the defense Hutzfeld superseding (type Mercedes-
          Benz). Hence the need, in 1964, then our fire central house of today is
          established resp. to modified. In 1970 was again in a new exchange fire vehicle
          TSF (=carrying capacity-spraying vehicle) mark Magirus-Deutz entered. 1978
          concentration with defense of Kiekbusch. For this period was also the
          village community house established, which the same time is the training
          room of fire brigade. In 1984, the use of a car fire dept. exchanged to type
          LF 8 (also mark Mercedes-Benz). Final we takeovers 1995 by the defense
          Lensahn a used vehicle LF 16 TS (= portable fire pump) of the mark Magirus-
          Deutz, that today is up to 2013 our car in use.


          In addition to the annual general meeting beginning year commencement
          rolling employment and board meetings take place. The defense has contacts
          to other brigades and has also for the guidance of various initiation and
          banquets jurisdiction.

Info: K. H. Mielke

          It's than was the municipality's intention, to exchange the existing about 30-year-old
          fire brigade vehicle by a younger better - but not brand new - one. This vehicle
          has already come here in the village; however, the equipment is absent and
          can be also taken over - till present - not full from our present vehicle. Because
          same belongs to the "District" and not the municipality. Official in service
          approx. December 2013. Continue:

Out of chronicle

From the Fire Chronicle] From 1914 -1918 rested life in the defense Liensfeld broadly, with some missions and meetings apart. Many comrades were confiscated and their homes should never meet again. Of the remaining comrades was decided at a meeting, to send the comrades in the wars ever five cigarettes. After the war, 1918 was a new statute written, whereby it will no longer “militarily” contents received

[They continue] From 1939 -1948 was selected by the defense, not much left over, most comrades died, were like being in captivity or otherwise missing. 1943 the village had 70 people because of air raids on Hamburg admitted. On 04/05/1945 (at 1 day before the capitulation of Germany), british troops moved on into Liensfeld. Infinitely war material remained in the forests, including at Hasenberg. This was a welcome prey for all sorts of purposes. Including "Worried" some comrades here our first vehicle. It was a team car, which is of course a few years before the english forces had to be hidden. The population has increased at this time to 750 people. During the war, our defense had a lot of actions in Kiel . [In addition to specific defense is often the same as reported in the village chronicle].

[Report Oswald Kramer, Bujendorf, through his Senior] Oswald Kramer II, was life member of the volunteer firefighters, according to the motto "God for honesty - the neighbor to Defense," in all his locations, while it has driven him in the life away. So also in Liensfeld from 03/01/1947 up to 17/04/51. During this period he attended - in addition to hard time occupation as a blacksmith - the country's fire brigade school (at that in Eckernförde), in order to qualify for the defense leaders of a fire department to purchase. From 27/08/1949 to move in April 1951 he stood Liensfeld villagers of volunteer firefighters as head officer before. In this period, according to the needs of many innovations introduced in the defense. Among other things, during a common fire brigade day, was held in Liensfeld, with an extinguish exercise all involved brigades on a specially prepared for this object. Such a demonstration had hitherto unprecedented.

Volunteers Liensfeld with cup araund 1950 [f. left with: Max Zabel, August Stöver, Franz Horstmann, Rudi Wentorf, Werner Bruhn, Erich Kruse, Günter Schumacher, Hans-Heinrich Finck, Günter Friederichsen]

Oldest document of 1951 Performance document 1969

Plöner Weekly Paper 1921 [Note: With the fire the Liensfeld's and new village Quisdorf's were also as fire brigade in activity. How the fire originated, is not ascertained yet]

Location of fire station with tube tower 1956 

Some constructions

[By clicking on the photos - here like there - to enlarge].

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          In 2011 an entrance and a window renovation still took place.


To (re-) foundation-stone. 1964

Personal agenda

Lead functions

          As an active member one has to solve courses of instruction.

Fire brigade missions off 2oo4 [133 KB]

Grafik.einsaetze.deliverymassagepart.ffw.lik.2016.jpg (in German)

Jahresbericht-delivermessagepart-ffw.lik-2015.pdf (in German) [13 KB]

Jahresbericht---delivermessagepart---ffw-lik-2.pdf [in German] [23 KB]

Agenda.firebrigade.missions.2oo4-2009.pdf [62 KB]

From operations

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          The auditor / treasurer manage the municipal grants. In the annual
          general meetings will test him by third proof, and regular discharge



Our special mission group

In 1976 [V. lks./from left] Mielke-Ehlers-Stöver-Mielke-Kühl-v. Burkner-Wülfken-Kruse-Minks


In 1984


Booklet for our 85 years jubilee

As in former times

Hand pump operation in 1985 

  Here more specifies  

          On the "Old-timer meeting" of motor club Hansühn in 2010 has this restored
          fire pump, by the way, the first one praise preserved. More photos of the
          pump 2011 see village photo gallery.

and in "action"

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          Is posted on "You Tube", too [see German site]

Fire brigade station Liensfeld-Kiekbusch

Today 2012, with clear pond (right) 

Fine tuning

Exercise to "red cock" - effort is significantly 


Exerzise observer something to hold back Maneuver criticism Summary of positive

Note to "Red Cock"

          About nature, extent and intensity of the defense services to a star [stair]
          be achieved, can be informed by internet:

          [Downloads, no translation provided].
          It is about proof of courses, first aid training, evaluation of team and
          equipment, etc.

Handover procedure to the Red Cock [1. *]

District fire brigadier, mayor and other "vips" 


First star 2006


          [Then after the f i r s t star here is the s e c o n d and t h i r d star
          successfully achieved; now is in 2012 also the f o u r t h star
          (sign see above) gained. Command personell must had finished
          a l l courses!!]

Start to the Second star

In full "overall" 2007 

and examinations for the Third star 2oo8

Under respirator People in salvage. More photos see also in: Diashow "Red cock 3"

Reminiscence third star

Prove step III. of "Red cock" at the 2008/06/28

Now to the forth star in 2o12

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Photos © Th. Mielke

          Movies about forth star step see also: Results Red cock 4

New volunteer fire brigade head

In january 2010 established [From left: Now fire brigade head Thomas Ehlers, his predecessor Ulrich Horstmann, closing local district fire brigade leader Klaus Peter Kühl, his predecessor anew Karlheinz Mielke, all Liensfeld]

          Contact to the head office of our fire brigade see: Police & fire department


With thanks [Bunch of flowers for his wife]

In january 2016 now established [From left: New fire brigade head Frank Mielke, his predecessors Thomas Ehlers, Ulrich Horstmann, closing local district fire brigade leader Klaus Peter Kühl, his predecessor anew Karlheinz Mielke, all Liensfeld] (© Max Plieske)

From January, 2016 elective new local fire brigade [One sees here (from the left) mayor Mario Schmidt, local fire brigade leader Frank Mielke, deputy local brigade leader Florian Hilger, district brigade leaderThorsten Plath] (© Max Plieske)

Fire youth brigaders

The youth team assembles January, 2016 in Liensfeld. Four [Marie, Melina, Vanessa, Domink] belong to the vfb Liensfeld-Kiekbusch (ever © Max Plieske) There in guidance elective youngsters (from the left) are: Benita, Michel, Tjorge, Tamina [retired], Jan-Ole, Julia and Sara, adults: Alexander Daum, Hartmut Junge and Andreas Riemke

Junior training

Ready for march off 

          More photos see village photo gallery: Older photos

Our operation vehicle untill end 2013


LF 16 up from 1995


Keep in good order must be

          See also: Police & fire dept. with brigade heads
          and our p a r t n e r fire brigade:


To the 100-years jubilee 2o1o


Booklet to the jubilee [o r d e r s via fire brigade head]

  Here a small summary from the last century of our volunteer fire brigade.

After the costly anniversary celebration on the occasion of the local fire brigade day Bosau only one receipt is planned by the foundation day of our voluntary fire brigade in the 2010/10/09 even in the rooms of the local brigade resp. the village community centre.

From welcome

Is as DVD available by brigade leader! Moreover, the movie is stored away in the media centre and to consider there or ready for download!
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Lübecker news paper 10/10/10 " …The fire brigades Hassendorf, Hutzfeld, Thürk, Eutin und Liensfeld were in use and application. The latter interrupts her 100-year celebration to do for the application [see page 14] …"


Document of honour [Content the usual]


By the way

Fahrzeug.prototyp.unimog.pdf [5.200 KB]

Info about a modern fire verhicle, price € 340,000.--, main for the fighting of forest fires


The "new one" in rearmament

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Subagenda about it

More details [in German] see under: Rundbrief.feuerwehr.30.11.13.jpg

Our new fire brigade operation vehicle

In 2013 

Some details:

View ahead View from stern For service pipes Attention to captions Seats for dressing breath protection equipment. Vehicle self still with analogic wireless radio


Thermo camera on board [Presented by K.-H. Mielke]


Start digital radio


Annual general e. g. meeting 2017

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General Status:

Our volunteer fire brigade is now also on the edge to Bad Segeberg (as direction Glasau, Sarau). Through our thermal imaging camera, which is based in Liensfeld, there is the possibility of an increased use (as in the case of person search, in and exploring fire sites, etc.)



On this day, the traditional annual walk took place at the Bosau fire brigades - here as an example. It is used for the rehabilitation, fired by the competition, who first comes to the goal. Our team reached it after the brigade Hutzfeld-Brackrade as second team, and was accordingly honored with a trophy. This was also achieved thanks to the marching arrangements organized by Messrs. Olaf Ploog and Frank Mielke.

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For memory



Move up

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