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Winter impression [2009]

Old blacksmiths house today - southwest-side

With the Simons, Glantz' and [bel. rig.] Radtke's [2008]


I am elected? Heike assume the "rule"

I am born on 10th of may 1972 in Mainz. My parents lived near in the village Undenheim. Unfortunately, they have already passed away. I have a sister and five brothers. However, after ending of the school time I tried there some professional activities came very fast to the wish to see more of world. Thereupon I have applied with the German federal navy and was pulled there as a time soldier. Places of engagement were among other things Borkum, Wilhelmshaven, Stralsund, Kappeln; partly throughout Europe on sea (how aboard the destroyer "Bayern" and the minesweeper "Medusa"), share in the stage. After 12 years, the last service degree of upper boatswain, then I have in 2001 receipt serves. I had therefore to search a new workplace for myself. Among other things an attractive place of employment became to me in the village Eutin-Neudorf, with a well-known insurance company (mainly with clients in the civil service) to offers. Because I already knew and estimated – see above – Schleswig-Holstein, I have accepted the job with pleasure. There I am.

My wife Heike (born Glantz), date of birth 21st April, 1962 in Dortmund, qualified shop assistant, I have got to know on the occasion of a navy course on Sylt (she was there on vacation), and we have married immediately. Now she agreed with my change of job and change of location, so that also work conditional or application-conditional separation came to one end in the past, finally.

In 2011 was for me one year of the change. With consultation with my present employer arose, that it is not accessible to me as incomer for duration, nevertheless, probably necessary connection in the space Eutin and in eastern Holsatia, to receive an enough big reasonable insured customer circle to acquire and – regardless of my village engagement - to hence, after vote with my wife Heike I have resolved to carry out a change of job, around an income, protecting to have perspective. As a result after short market orientation I have from 2011.07.05 with a forwarding agency offered ones enterprise in Barsbüttel to me, there it puts of an occupational motorist begun, and to me the truck driving license acquired in 2007 to fit came. At the moment I drive out well to piece by means of 12 tons truck at most in the north German area. My family is concerned in this respect, because I roughly only once in the week and only to week-ends after come home. I had to drive back my social engagement in the village sphere – but not the job equipment staff with our voluntary fire brigade – of necessity. How everything develops, will appear.

About profession

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In the fire brigade: Main fire fighter.



3. Stern / 3. star

Other members of the family are the daughters:

The older Svenja Simon (now Schulz), born in 1989, she is
in the profession of a restaurant specialist.


► and our latest and schoolgirl and youth-fire brigade member
Vanessa Simon, born in 2002


and our all latest pet of the family
Isabell Simon (now Schulz), born in 2011


Then the search for accommodation at that time already has some complicated positioned
himself. After long search and visit from flats we already wanted to surrender, actually, but my wife Heike had the idea, not looking after in advertisements, but "Even time one for starting by advertise our self". Forthwith we were telephoned really, and the dates for the home inspections were laid on the first weekend in December, 2001. It is if one sees it exact a big cheek, what one comes everything on the housing market to offers bread unit. We had to ascertain this at the latest when before the flats were always too small, now they were totally a run-down, and to us the time became slowly indeed scarce, because we already had December, 2001 and I had only 4 months time to move, as long as I could still live in mine room in the marine barracks. We were sent by a house broker then to an address which was: Hans-Heinrich-Sievert- Street 5 in Bosau. I say to my wife „No problem, know I from the time in Plön. As soldier we march there always along“. Said done: We drove off of Sunday of Oldenburg in Holstein, because we had spent the night there with friends and are direct after that go to Bosau. Really, we did not find the street, also some inhabitant which we could ask, shook only with the head. No more completely, so in a good mood we drove again direction Eutin, there arrived, at the local being exit to be exact, an older lady cleans the street, on Sunday. Funny people here, but we asked her, and she said again, they go time back to Majenfelde, afterwards immediately left 3 kilometers and you are there. So, again turn back and: There is fact, here in Liensfeld is Hans-Heinrich-Sievert-Straße. Mr. Udo Grebe from city of Malente, owner of the property, waiting and it also for us to show us the flats. They were "great" after the first impression, because we had to do only place our pieces of furniture there. Said, done. We signed the hire contract for the biggest of the flats and terminated our domicile in Dortmund and prepared our move before. At the beginning of February, 2002 we spent the night already in the flat to clear and to clean everything, so we then on 09th February in 2002 could move with bag and pack. About 23:30 o'clock we became awake by the way from sleep, because the siren howled (=a shed was burning); so, there is here a fire brigade also! Then on the 09th February about 21:00 o'clock we came with the truck, in drag good friends, who have helped us in the move. The second night in Liensfeld runs possibly in such a way: A friend of the family: „If hears time …, "dead still"!!! „What should we hear?“ (thus the other) „Just, here one hears nothing!“ Oh, yes, welfare should mean that here this live as a big city person is over (I never was one, but my Heike). We also knew about three weeks of late about that our flat is too small, because we got child grew again would become. Thus, the flat is still too small, actually.

Now passed, however, following: The renter went with his construction company in insolvency. In the course of their winding up the building in which we live also came under auction. In October, 2005, my wife and I have the suctions called „Old smiths house“, with of all tenants abruptly bought and want this also kept. My parents-in-law Heinz and Resi Glantz are consulted from Dortmund to us in the meantime in one of the flats of the house. Moreover, we have equipped an enclosed separate property leveled and with log cabins, an aviary and an ornamental pond.

Garden before Build on with log cabins

The Liensfeld citizens have us directly and always, as far as we can say this, friendly and openly received. Also we try to let us see with the different festivities, importantly for the integration. In 2004 I was first elected, after some already hesitate, in the village board of headman as vice assist to Mrs. Kerstin Schrameier, village head wife at that time. This substitution I do with pleasure, as here and there is a work, which must be done for the social cohesion of the village. By the way: In the meantime I start activity as volunteer fire brigader.
Also my mother-in-law is meanwhile an active, see: "cin-wag meeting".



A bit goodby - 2010.11

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Resi and Heinz' s Golden Wedding 2011.09.15 There Heinz Glantz and his women "Section"

[Father in law Heinz passed away on 13th March 2017]
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Our start of the motor-cycle group [For service in Sarau May 2015]



Our garden in the spring [With pond, in 2008]


Move up

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