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                              Hallo  and  welcome  to  our  web presentation

          We want the visitors of our website say a right and warm welcome to our home
          L i e n s f e l d. We may inform them in our website about the activities in our
          village on body reports. Our information is equally to our fellow c i t i z e n s
          as well to all other interested. We invite you to participate on our events, as
          we in generally invite you to visit our small village in the green landscape.

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Basic photo from 1993 [© S. Minks]

          Liensfeld is a in review overlooked village in the municipality of Bosau with
          approximately 250 inhabitant between Eutiner lake and Great Plöner
          lake - which are each per approximately 8 km away (and only for private
          boats than sail area allowed) - in a delightful rural surroundings location
          called “Holsteinische Schweiz”. Even the village offers understanding ally
          not all urban infrastructures, but it is part of the health resort Bosau at the
          Plöner lake with his diverse cure offerings. Bosau consists of 15 villages,


          Bosau belongs to the office district of Great Plöner lake. Next major city is Eutin.
          The Baltic sea and cities there are located in the short time of journey on federal
          highway no. 76. There are bus connections [on German site] to a. o. t. the railway
          station Eutin. Without own car the mobility is here on the flat land restricted.

Fire station and village community hall


Photo.village community hall.2006

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Our community About villages management in Liensfeld

Agriculture & commercial About the village farmer and trade economies

Event planning With the list annual appointments and external calendar

Individual events About next organizes and events

Marketplace Daily and medium-term news for Liensfeld

The institutions About general responsibilities in the district

Town hall About the administrative level in district Bosau

Village development About short and longer term measures for infrastructure

Police & fire department Start for related emergency calls fromLiensfeld

Volunteer fire brigade About the nature, extent and importance of its work and videos

Fire brigade days District fire brigade days local in Liensfeld and our co-operation elsewhere

Church parish About for Liensfeld resposible confessions of faith etc.

Lodging options Lodgings for vacations, education and other activities

Kindergarten & school Here about child care and school offerings, etc.

Village associations Here about the community social life and clubs

The "Ollk" The "Original Liensfelder lottery club" presents itself and its activities

Shooting & hunting About their work and management in Liensfeld and the sourrounding

The village chronicle With statements and materials about the village's history

Interviews to chronicle At the course of interviews about history , etc.

Mrs. Hamke recalls With harmonized interview, text, video stream

Mrs. Dohm recalls With harmonized interview, text, video stream

Mrs. Zimmer reported Harmonized info, text, graphics etc. of sportsman H.-H. Sievert and family

Mr. Kramer reported He harmonized reports about his school days in Liensfeld

Mr. Didwißus reported Harmonized interview of his period as a village teacher & class meetings etc.

Mrs. Runge reported An interview with photo-graphic documents about small farmer kind and house

The church chronicle With excerpts from past times of our proper church Sarau

Agenda old village forge Harmonized report of Olaf Simon about history & inhabitants of the forge

Representatives Here our general avaiability about all connection ways

Runge with "I about us" Short agenda village head family S. Runge

Wülfken with "I about us" Short agenda village vice board family J.-H. Wülfken

Bussmann "I about us" Short agenda village assistent head family O. Bussmann

F. Mielke "I about us" Short brief agenda Mielke junior family and about fire brigade managing

F. Hilger "I about us" Short brief agenda Hilger junior family and about vice fire brigade leading

Radtke with "I about me" Link to webmaster's private internet presence

Simon with "I about us" Co-webmaster's short brief agenda Simon family and their connection

Multimedia Containing divers video streams from the village life

Village festivities Containing video stream from the village and children festivities

Village jubilee Reports and multimedia about our jubilee days

Facebook air review Revised version air picture review media show

Riots in 2009 Video from protest & riots at break off of the old bus stop personal shelter

Excoursions ecp Sarau Tours of the senior citizens of the church of Sarau in Schleswig-Holstein

For fire brigade days Videos, photos and Diashows of the Liensfelder events and participations

Results Red cock 4 Terms, check and effiency standard of step 4 "Red cock"

The fire brigade vehicle Video of the introduction event of the newer fire brigade vehicle

Village photo gallery Photos from events of the last time period to village refer

Older photos With older or from the photo gallery transferred pictures

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